NCIS Los Angeles season 7 premiere date: September 21.


From…IBTimes. After all the speculation, NCIS: Los Angeles was finally renewed for season 7, which will premiere on 21 September 2015 at 9pm ET on CBS.
In the upcoming season, the history of agent Callen’s father — Nikita Alexander Reznikov — with the KGB will be explored apart from the ups and downs in the blossoming romance between Kensi and Deeks, reports suggest.
Season 6 ended with Callen learning that his father was alive and that he had definite ties with the KGB.
In season 7 fans will get to see more on Callen’s father and his ties with the KGB. Moreover, the premiere episode would reveal a detailed description of the man, his past and why he did not stay in touch with Callen.
Meanwhile, Renée Felice Smith, who plays Nell has claimed that her romance with Eric (Barrett Foa) may not take a step further, because of Kensi and Deeks.
The actress said: “With Kensi and Deeks, it’s kind of tough to have two couples that are actually together at the same time and to show all of that.”
“We’ve kind of taken a break from the Eric and Nell story while Kensi and Deeks are kind of in the heat of their relationship,” Smith told Connected Digital World during MCM London Comic Con.
However, she did tease that the duo may get together later on the show, but not in season 7. “I think they like to tease it but, I mean, let’s be honest, the show’s not ending tomorrow so they have to keep it going,” said Smith.
Although we might not see any real romance between Nell and Eric in season 7, fans could expect plenty of flirting between the two.


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