The Politics Of Buhari’s Ministerial List – LEAKED

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For four months, President Muhammadu Buhari was busy in his one-man conclave spinning an elaborate mystery about the character and quality of people he would nominate into his cabinet.

He stoked expectations, and speculations ran riot in the media and public spaces.

The nation waited impatiently for him to unveil his saintly agents of change. What finally came out, for most Nigerians, did not reflect the “Change” that Buhari promised but a massive “Shortchange”. The president made a big mess of the simple act of eating an egg!

Looking at the names now on the table of the Senate President Bukola Saraki, it is obvious that Buhari could easily have formed his cabinet within a week of his swearing-in. His inner or “kitchen cabinet” is made up of “people he knows”, those who have worked for him over the years when he ran and lost presidential elections. Now is the…

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