“Pimp My Crib *AFrica” a New reality show now showing on STV.


PMC Africa is a distinguished (reality TV show) project established to give back to Africa, turning lives around, giving them opportunities beyond their dreams and a chance to earn a living in a unique way and in a unique apartment

PMC Africa’s main goal is to provide a dream home to every individual, but through the show, provides that similar experience to our selected winners who will emerge via the electronic draw process. In view of this, creating an opportunity for every winner to getting a refurbished apartment, new source of income through the referral scheme i.e. Becoming a freelance agent for PMC (called “Aesthetics Envoy”).


A gang of six individuals whose primary assignment is to renovate and refurbish (PIMP), therefore giving any kind of house an interior face lift. Each gang member abode of residence is the factory, working tirelessly to ensuring all tasks are expertly delivered on time.


The Pimp My Crib Africa platform is set up in such a way that there’s only one criterion to become an eligible winner which is to own a phone, and a valid means of identification, then simply text/sms PMC to a 33140 and you stand a chance to win the PMC Pimping right along with other benefits. This means that everyone is eligible, destitute alike. However other terms and conditions apply.

Everybody, anybody, anywhere, everywhere can actually become a winner and even stand the chance of winning other prizes which include daily mobile network airtime, weekly PMC airtime give away, iPad Air, Galaxy Note 3, Ten (10,000) Thousand Naira and the end of a season.

You also stand the chance to win a weekend with the gang, 24 carat gold coin pendant and other exciting prices.


For more info contact :

32 / 34, Opebi Road, Ikeja
Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: + 234 806 820 9618

Mobile: + 234 805 773 2293

Web: www.pimpmycribafrica.tv

Twitter:  @pmcaofficial

Instagram: @pmcaofficial

Follow and like our Facebook page onwww.facebook.com/pmcaofficial.




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2 Responses to “Pimp My Crib *AFrica” a New reality show now showing on STV.

  1. kasshoggi says:

    The first episode of Pimp My Crib Africa is done!

    Have you seen the unveiling?….. It’s all over the internet!

    Liked by 1 person

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