“Hear Word” is going on Tour from April, 1st Stop Harvard University


Written by @ajokesilva: “#HearWordWorldTour @hearwordnaija is an exhilarating piece of performance art that combines artistry, social commentary and true-life stories of inequality and transformation, delivered by some of Nigeria’s most talented actresses. The stories are based on real life experiences. HEAR WORD! targets real issues affecting the lives of women, which limit their potential for achievement, independence, decision-making and leadership. The show delivers an intimate view into the lives of women from all corners of Nigeria and crossing a variety of socio-economic levels. It provides a better understanding of the issues they face and shares their unique and universal challenges. #HearWord #WorldTour #2016”


First stop – Harvard with #TaiwoAjaiLycett @zaraudofiaejoh @debbieohiri @elvinaibru @edward.rita @bimboakintola @omonorr @ufuomamcdermott @odenike @hearwordnaija #HearWordAtHavard #HearWordTour #Amazons #SocietalIssues”


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